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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is ECU remapping?
ECU software is used to control the engine. This software includes some tables with different information such as: ignition timing, fuel injection rate by the injector, oxygen sensor control parameters, and so on. Remapping means rewriting, changing, increasing or reducing the parameters in the tables in the ECU program to achieve different goals such as: reducing fuel consumption, increasing vehicle efficiency, increasing acceleration, increasing the maximum speed and making horsepower and torque.
What is chip tuning?
Chip tuning or chip modification is very similar to remapping. It changes the parameters of the ECU tables with an aim to improve the performance of the engine according to the customer's request. The difference between the two methods is in the way they are done. Chip tuning is the older term in this area. In the 1990s, in order to change the car ECU program tables, the tuners had to open the vehicle's ECU and then read the ECU program by removing the IC and read ECU file. That's why it is called Chip Tuning.
Does remapping affect guarantee?
The answer to this question depends on the regulations of your country. However, most technical experts will be able to recognize the remap. In order to not get in trouble, we have two recommendations: In case of need, before visiting a representative center or sales experts, re-stock the ECU. In case your guarantee is still valid, do not edit the parameters that can tell your vehicle is remapped, such as the cut-off or backfire, so your vehicle will not be suspected.
Does remapping affect vehicle insurance?
This actually depends on your insurance company. It is better to let the insurer know if it is noted in your contract that any change on the vehicle without informing the insurance company may invalidate your insurance.
How much stronger the car power will become after remapping?
10 to 15 percent in atmospheric (N/A) engine and around 20 to 25 percent in some turbocharger engines.
Does remapping cause damage to the car?
Remapping has no negative effect on the car and will not cause any damages. On the other side it also improves engine performance. Because by remapping we can have less fuel consumption, improved throttle lag and improved vehicle acceleration. Increasing the power is done to the level that does not damage the engine.
Is it possible to restore ECU to the factory version after remapping?
ECU program is first read and stored with the car's chassis number, and we can turn the program back to the original previous version any time.
Do you remap automatic gearbox (TCU)?
Yes, we can remap automatic gearboxes like DSG.
What types of ECUs and cars are supported in these training courses?
ECUs: Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, Sagem, Magneti Marelli, Hitachi, Denso and so on. Cars: Porsche, Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Peugeot, Kia, Hyundai and so on
How do you support your customers?
Here is an email address for you to contact us and our technicians will answer you ASAP: Support@caracaltech.com
Why CaracalTech?
If you want to learn ECU Remapping or software like WinOLS and ECM Titanium you have some choices like participating online tuning Courses or have a training classes in some companies that costs a lot. And if you search on internet, you would not probably be able to find useful and practical information anywhere, so we decided to make this great and useful package.
How long do you support your customers?
We have a never ending support program for our customers.
Do I get certificate?
Yes, we provide you a digital certificate for taking this course.
How can I watch the videos?
After registration & payment process, a security code will be sent to your email. You easily login in our site and you will have life time access to the videos.
How many times can I watch the videos?
You can watch them as many times as you need.