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Genesis Coupe ECU Tune/ Remapping and Dyno Tuning

 Genesis Coupe ECU Tune/ Remapping and Dyno Tuning

🚩A brief introduction of Genesis:

Genesis is the product of Hyundai Motor Group. Having been offered in two classes- sedan and coupe, this car immediately found its special place in the car market. 
As for the positive points of this car, we can refer to its ergonomic leather seat along with warmer, electric sunroof, automatic air-conditioning, dual exhaust, and auxiliary systems such as EBD, ESC, BAS and CBS. This car is also equipped with traction control system (TRC), which measures the spinning of the wheels and the torque force acting on them. In this case, if a wheel spins any longer than necessary, it will reduce its spinning by monitoring torque level acting on it, applying proportional torque to adjacent wheels so that the wheels would not experience traction. This system can enhance handling in cars. Besides, authorized repairers and spare parts of this car are easily found in this market. 
Moreover, one of the most common drawbacks of Genesis is its air suspension system and balloon and air valve failure of this system. Its electro-hydraulic steering wheel and middle mouse sometimes fail and are inoperable.


🚩Genesis's ECU and engine:

Genesis coupe3,8L engine/Genesis coupe ecu location
Genesis coupe 3,8L engine & ECU location

The ECU of this car is DELPHI MT86, which is remapped and programmed in CaracalTech without being open. In addition, thanks to its nature, skilled engineers are required to do the calibration and precise adjustment of the ECU. Genesis's propulsion has been offered in two versions: GDi engine (G6DH) and MPI engine (G6DA).
Employed in 2008 through 2012 models, MPI engine (G6DH) has been offered as 6-cylinder, 3.8-liter 24v V-shaped engine equipped with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and electronic control with a compression ratio of 10.4 to 1 produces 306 hp and 360 Nm of torque; In these models, fuel injection is performed in the same manner as other vehicles through fuel rails and injectors outside the combustion chamber. 





This form of fuel spraying helps to clean off the soot from combustion, safeguarding the engine against any problem in the long run. But, in respect of GDI engine, fuel injection is directly carried out inside the combustion chamber, such that the injector is mounted next to the spark plug; in which case, we have the accumulation of the soot from combustion because the poor quality of gasoline, which is not fixed by remapping, while we may see a 15% increase in combustion efficiency. 

GDI engine (G6DH), also known as lambda II RS GDI, used in 2013 models in the form of 6-cylinder, 3.8-litre, and 24v V-shaped engine equipped with 8-speed automatic gearbox together with electronic control, produces 348 horsepower and a torque of 400 N.m.




Genesis coupe 3.8L V6 ECU Reflash
Genesis coupe 3.8L V6 ECU Reflash

💬Genesis coupe ECU remapping & reflash:

We use several methods to read the original file of ECU MT86, but the easiest way is to read this ECU through OBD2 port. You can proceed with the programming easily and at very short time as shown in the figure by means of combiLoader programmer.

If you don't have access to combiLoader, then you can do so with Ktag programmer. 

Please note that the ECU has to be removed in order to proceed with programming with KTag tool, besides opening ECU case. You need to do the following steps for reflash procedure. 



🚩The effects of ECU remapping on Genesis Coupe and Sedan:

Genesis coupe ecu tuning in WinOLS software
Genesis coupe ecu tuning in WinOLS software

💬Boosting engine power from 15 to 30 horsepower:

Motor's power and torque significantly boost, when we use CarcalTech remapping for this car model, which reduce the 0-100 acceleration by 1.3 sec less than before. 

💬The delay problem to be solved when shifting into gear (from 3 to 2 or 4 to 3 gear): 

The gearbox of Genesis Coupe is ZF type, which comes across delayed engagement at such times as fast acceleration and shifting into gear because of gear ratios defined for it. Thus, the transmission happens faster than before by using CaracalTech's remap, rendering dead gear totally at loose ends. This remarkably contributes to fuel consumption decrease.

💬Throttle delay fixed:


The delay in the throttle of this vehicle is not significant, but we can boost pedal response by remapping the ECU. 

💬Removing the second oxygen sensor, or clogged catalyst error:

When the catalyst converter of this car is drained for any reason (e.g., catalyst filling), or the second oxygen sensor error is displayed on the ECU when headers and exhaust kit are installed, causing the check light to be on. CaracalTech Co. Can fix the catalyst error by remapping the ECU, so that the check light would never be on due to this error. 

❓What does DECAT mean and what do we do DECAT?

✅We have written a complete article about Decat and its advantages and disadvantages.


💬High rpm knock reduced:

In Genesis Coupe, this car often runs into trouble because the owners put too much pressure on the engine and gearbox. Moreover, due to the incompatibility with gasoline, in the case of the lack of a super gasoline, the pistons will break in the long run because of the knocking.



🏁In the following diagram, you can see Genesis Coupe's Dyno Graph after being remapped.

Genesis Coupe 3.8 Dyno Tune Graph ECU TUNING
Genesis Coupe 3.8 Dyno Tune Graph 

1- If you are interested in learning the remapping of this car in WinOLS and ECM software, you can log into the learning section and watch the videos via ECU remapping course.

2- If you need the remap file, you can upload the original file of the car from TUNING FILE SERVICE, and our experts will submit the remapped file after a short time.

3. If you know how to work with remap software programs such as WinOLS or ECM Titanium, you can use the MAPPACKs of CarcalTech from the link below with ease and precision at work.

📍If you have any question, feel free to contact us:Support@CaracalTech.com



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