🚩What You Will Read in This Article:

  • What is a speed limiter?
  • How does a speed limiter work?
  • What is a use of a speed limiter?
  • Why should I remove the speed limiter?

💬What is a Speed Limiter?

A speed limiter is a Limitation that prohibits a vehicle from exceeding a preset speed.

💬How Does a Speed Limiter Work?

In fact, your car's sensors monitor how fast you're driving, and this information is sent to the engine's computer. The computer prevents the entry of fuel and air to the engine as soon as the car reaches the predetermined speed. The thing to mention is that the speed limit action is stored in the ECU software; It normally begins injecting fuel again about 5 km/h below the set limit. As a result, you can't pass the pre-set top speed.
For instance, if a car is limited to 175 km/h, the fuel is not injected after reaching this speed and it starts injecting again at 170 km/h.

💬What is The Use of a Speed Limiter?

Speed limiters are being used in the hopes of revolutionizing road safety. According to the “European Transport Safety Council” (ETSC), the limiters would cut accidents by 30% and save 25,000 lives over the past 15 years. All cars, in most cases, have Speed Limiters. If you're curious about the exact speed that they are limited, we have to say it is different depending on the rules of the country or continent you are living in. It could be restricted by speed limit rules or contract figures.
For Example, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have used 250 km/h as a contract speed limiter for their vehicles for many years.

speed limiter removing on BMW
BMW 250 Km/h Speed Limiter

🏁Why should I Remove The Speed Limiter?

  1. The vehicle's speed limiter does not match with the permitted speed in the country. For example, suppose you have a car with a speed limit of 100 km/h, but the speed limit in your city or country is 120 km/h. Therefore, lowering the car's speed limit is extremely beneficial in terms of reducing travel time.
  2. In order to achieve maximum speed in tuned vehicles. Due to the obvious increased engine power after tuning, the engine capacity is definitely much higher than the factory-set speed limit. Hence, the owner or tuner must remove the speed limit in order to achieve the maximum speed, break a record or participate in competitions.

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