🚩In this article, we are going to introduce some of the best car forums to you.

To choose car forums, you should consider several factors such as the brand or brands that the forum focuses on, the part of the car that the forum focuses on (engine, electrical system, powertrain, etc.), the credibility of the forum, the type of cars that the forum focuses on (liftback, hatchback, off-road, etc.), and also the impartiality of the forum.


With around 400k threads, 2.4M posts, and 151k members, MHH AUTO is one of the popular and best automotive forums. You can gain a lot of information from this forum, as there are a lot of professional members in this forum. In addition to all of this, we can point to the responsible manager of this group who carefully examines and manages all the details.

💬The automativeindia.com

This forum was created in 2008 by an Indian entrepreneur. The forum has many users and on average, posts about 3 to 5 new posts daily. In this forum, many cars have been discussed but the unique feature that you will find here is information about Indian cars, mostly discussed by Indians themselves.


With around 1.3M posts and 128k topics, Car Talk is one of the active forums in the automotive field. According to the statistics on their website, they have about 150 posts and 5 new topics daily for automotive discussions.


Bimmerforums is a specialized forum for various BMW models. With around 35M posts, 3M threads, and nearly 800k members, there is no doubt that Bimmerforums is one of the popular and main forums for BMW. Here, you can discuss anything from wiring and audio systems to tires and oil changes.


Accord, Civic, and many other Honda models! In this forum, you can find good information about Honda products (or even share good information with others!). On their website, they say:
“Honda-Tech is a community in celebration of the iconic global automaker, Honda. From the CVCC Civics to the Golden Era Honda models of the 90s and the newest FK8 Civic Type-R, Honda-Tech is the place for it all”.


One of the largest specialized forums for Mercedes-Benz with around 400k members and 7M posts and approximately 30 posts daily. If you are a fan or owner of a Mercedes-Benz, this forum has a lot to offer you.


Daily useful posts, professional forum management, 4.3M posts, and nearly 163k members; all of these are enough for enthusiasts of Nissan products to spend their time on this forum.


With over 143k members here, this means that no topic or question about Kia and its products remains unanswered. This forum has 535k posts and averages 10 new posts daily, where you can discuss the Sportage, gain information about Optima, and even argue about Rio.


When a forum has been around for over 15 years and has more than 1.4M members, it's natural for it to have 84M posts! And it's even more natural for this forum to be related to Volkswagen products! In VW Vortex, in addition to Volkswagen products, there are also topics about Audi and Lamborghini. Our recommendation is to join this forum, which is one of the oldest and first automotive forums, and learn a lot of new content.


From Datsun to Porsche, from Caterham to Aston Martin. Everything can be found in this forum; everything about any car. This forum has 3 to 5 new posts daily and has around 800k members, among whom there are thousands of car enthusiasts. You can exchange information about anything in this forum; car repairs, buying and selling cars, and also the latest developments in the automotive industry.


Another specialized forum, this time for one of the largest companies in the world; Toyota. It is obvious that discussions and conversations about products of a large company like Toyota require a large and comprehensive forum, and Toyota Nation meets this need with 6.1M posts and nearly 566.4k users. In their own words, "In Toyota Nation, talk about Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, and RAV4."


The F150 family; So popular that if this forum did not exist, the absence of a good forum for the F150 would definitely be felt. But fortunately, this forum does exist! If you also own a product from the F150 family, you can talk about everything related to it in this forum. Additionally, off-road discussions regarding maintenance and aftermarket for this vehicle can also be found in this forum; with nearly 350k members and about 30 posts per day, this forum is a very suitable place for these discussions.


If you've read this list so far, you probably agree that there is a void for a specific type of forum. Yes, an off-road forum. Off-road driving and off-road vehicles have a large and dedicated fan base worldwide, and for this reason, the existence of forums and websites that cover off-road issues is very essential. Pirate 4x4 is one of these forums and covers everything, from A to Z, related to off-roading. With 18.7M posts and 362k users, they do this job in the best possible way.

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