Flex, one of the programmers of MagicMotorSport company (along with MagPro), is the latest programmer of this company, including settings and protocols to support a wide range of vehicles. You can purchase Flex Master or Slave, each of which has 3 different modes: OBD, Bench, and Boot.

According to Magic Motor Sport's claim, this programmer supports over 25,000 vehicles, a number that is increasing every day.

💬Flex's prices and protocols:

Like any other programmer, Flex also has two main types: Slave and Master. The base price of the programmer is 1000 euros, to which the following options prices will be added. (Prices are based on the prices listed on the Magic Motor Sport website.)

🚩SW Flex ECU (cars, vans, bikes) OBD + Bench Slave: 900 Euro

🚩Full Flex software package Master: 4900 Euro

🚩Full Flex software package Slave: 1650 Euro

Please note that you can activate various options in different modes (OBD, Bench, and Boot) for Flex, and it is recommended to visit the official Magic Motor Sport website for pricing inquiries on each of these options. Additionally, you should know that Flex has options for reading and writing TCUs.

❗If you intend to purchase the programmer, you can contact us through WhatsApp +1 (778) 300-2603 or our email: support@caracaltech.com

💬Flex's Data Logger:

Flex programmer is equipped with a data logger that allows you to record and have access to important vehicle information such as air, fuel, ignition timing, torque, and many other essential vehicle and ECU data. According to the provider's claim, this data can be available for up to 60,000 cases, and thanks to the user-friendly interface of this programmer, you can choose which parameters need to be recorded.

💬Advantages and Disadvantages of FLEX:

One of the advantages of the Flex programmer includes an easy-to-use interface, support for a large number of vehicles, high adaptability, practical data logger, reasonable price, and high speed. Additionally, Flex offers a limited lifetime product warranty with repair or replacement service in case of failure.

On the Flex website, it is stated as follows:

“By purchasing Flex with a matching software package is also included is a one-year subscription to periodically receive software updates with new solutions for ECUs and TCUs.
You can decide from year to year whether to renew your subscription. Anyway, Flex will always continue to work with the updates you have already received.”

✅In addition, if you choose Master mode you also get StageX Basic.

However, among users and consumers of programmers, there are discussions regarding the customer support provided by Magic Motor Sport. According to the company's claim, they respond quickly and in multiple languages, including English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Albanian, to their customers. However, some customers of this company have claimed that the responses were inadequate or even delayed by several days, which if true, could be considered a disadvantage of this company and its programmers, Flex and Mag-Pro2.

Moreover, based on the experiences and statements of many users, Flex is an excellent programmer for Bench and Boot modes, but it has weaknesses in comparison to competitors in the OBD mode.

🏁Two interesting options!

There are two interesting options for Flex. The first is the customization feature, where by paying $199, you can add your brand logo to your device or make other design changes to the device. Another option is called the “ECU Mask”.

The ECU Mask is an invention used for reading ECU in Bench mode. The way the ECU Mask works is that you place the mask corresponding to each ECU on its pins and connect the relevant sockets, then read the ECU in Bench mode. However, the ECU Mask is more suitable for amateur and semi-professional individuals, and those experienced in ECU tuning do not need an ECU Mask.

📍If you have any question, feel free to contact us at: support@caracaltech.com