🏁ECU Remapping Cost Depends on Many Factors and No Single Cost can be Considered For it


ecu tuning cost
ECU Remapping Cost
ECU remapping price
ECU Remapping Price
burble tune
Burble Tune

1. Automobile type is the first effective factor in remap cost. The more advanced and complex the automobile is, the harder programming is and needs more time. Tuner should adjust the program step by step in some automobile or advanced engines with high sensitivity and the most optimum condition cannot be obtained by just one-time ECU setup (programming).

2. ECU type is the second effective factor. Remap can be performed through diagnosis port OBDII in some automobiles and there is no need to open ECU. In these cases, remap cost is lower than cases where ECU needs to be opened. For example, some ECUs are read and written using ECU case method and in addition, it may need the chip to be removed from the board, programmed, and re-soldered to the board. This type of ChipTuning is time-consuming, more risky, and more expensive.

3. Special orders (performing special works) in the program are the third effective factor on the price. The highest remap demand is for performance improvement or low fuel consumption (ECO Remap). Costs will be higher if additional equipment is requested. For example, more costs will be needed if any of the following options is requested as well as the remap.

DTC OFF, Burble Tune, Launch control, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, AdBlue DELETE and etc.

💬Using equipment like dynamometer or wideband for more precise adjustment which has higher costs is the fourth effective factor. The automobile should be put on Dyno Mode if your automobile has engine aftermarket tools and is boosted. For example, when you perform turbo upgrade, you cannot obtain the desired result by urban remap stage 1. Therefore, first we should test the automobile in Dyno Mode (results of Dyno test should be reported to the company). Maximum power can be obtain by adjusting fuel consumption using wideband gauge and turbo and fuel and spark advance tables. It is obvious that boosted engines need more time to reach the highest efficiency. 


🚨In some cases, it is enough to buy a tuned file from Caracaltech and write it on ECU to perform remap stage 1.

EMS remap cost is between 70 to 3000 dollar based on automobile type, ECU, and other factors mentioned above. You can enter the following link, upload your file in four simple stages, and receive your tailored file quickly to use in CaracalTech Tuning File Service and receive custom tuning files with the best performance.

📍For more information and probable problems feel free to contact us: support@caracaltech.com