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BMW E60 530i ECU tuning
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BMW ECU tuning

🏁You can visit our nearest representative listed below to receive our services. In addition, you can visit the nearest remap and chip tuning center in your living area and ask them read your ECU/TCU program and send it to us if there is no representative in your city or country. 
Based on your request, "remapped file" will be ready in a short time and sent to the tuner. Whether your automobile is of diesel or gas type, whatever you want can be implemented on any model of ECU. Costs of our tuning file service are very low and guaranteed. 

💬Notes before requesting ECU remap

1) Periodic services should be performed on time. 
2) The automobile should not have mechanical problems.
3) Catalyst, if any, should have no obstruction or blockage.
4) Fuel system should have no problem. (trouble code related to exhaustion or low-quality fuel like miss fire, fuelpump and injectors)
5) Despite the fact that the first oxygen sensor can be removed, our company will just remove the second sensor. 
6) Written consent of the owner must be registered in the representative center of the Caracaltech in case of requesting options such as pop and bang or popcorn as they may damage the engine.
7) Requesting backfire or pop and bang depends on removing the catalysis and boosting the exhaust system. In case the muffler is damaged, the company takes no responsibility.

For more information and probable problems feel free to contact