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  • What is POP & BANG (CRACKLE MAP)?
  • How does burble/ crackle/ pop occur?
  • The advantages/ disadvantages of POP & BANG?
  • POP & BANG Software
  • How to Generate POP & BANG in Car Tutorial? 

What is POP & BANG (POPS & BANGS)?

Pop & Bang is one of the fascinating phenomena in the world of car tuning. Of course, if we summarize the definition of Pop & Bang only in the exit of fire and noise, then we should say that this phenomenon is not limited only to the automotive world; We have seen it when firing firearms, and the moment the fire exits the barrel. However, to put it in simple terms, we call the fire coming out of the exhaust, accompanied by a burble, explosion -like noise- Pop & Bang.

Pop & Bang is generated by the combustion of fuel and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust path, which we will discuss in more detail in the following lines.

💬How does Burble/ Crackle/ Pop occur?

pop and bang-crackle tune-burble tune
Toyota 86 brz frs pop and bang

Generally, Pop & Bang doesn't just happen in remapped cars. Pop & Bang occurs inherently in Super sports (looking for the reasons? In these cars, the engine is often mounted in the rear, and they have a shorter exhaust pipe). Also interesting is that Pop & Bang can happen again because of your car's problems (!), given that the main cause of Pop & Bang is the unsuitable amount of fuel and air in the vehicle. That is why a proper and principally planned Pop & Bang in the car differs from the Pop and Bang generated by your car's malfunctioning, which can damage the vehicle in the long run.

Various factors such as flawed spark plug or wrong engine timing can cause a misfire, which is basically incomplete combustion of fuel and air exiting from cylinders. This can potentially cause the pop & bang. However, the main idea of using remapping to generate pop & bang is based on modifying the fuel injection timing so that injectors continue injecting fuel for a short period after the driver lifts his foot off the accelerator pedal. Also, by changing the spark advance timing, the combustion occurs so that a significant amount of fuel continues to combust after the TDC (Top Dead Center).

How to make exhaust pop and pang by spark advance timing
How to make exhaust pop and pang by spark advance timing

Now, based on the given explanations, you can probably tell why sometimes you hear pop & bang by releasing the accelerator at once or even by pressing and releasing the accelerator serially.

❓Do you need a DeCAT for Pop and Bang?

Another point to note is that pop and bang has different levels. A milder pop and bang usually generates a softer sound and fire, and if you are looking for a more intense pop and bang with louder sound and more fire (in higher levels), you are going to need to "DeCAT" or use "Sports Cat" in your vehicle 

💬The Advantages of POP & BANG:

We can not really name any technical advantage of pop and bang generation, and if there is any advantage, it is more of a psychological aspect. The feeling you get from sitting in a sports is unique, and that is why phenomena like POP & BANG are so popular.

🚨Of course, generating pop and bang in some cars, such as turbocharged cars, has advantages such as reducing turbo lag by the anti-lag system.

💬Disadvantages of POP & BANG:

One of the disadvantages of pop and bang is that it can damage valves, pistons, and other vehicle components due to high temperatures caused by explosions. Noise pollution and problems caused by inexperienced mechanics (remapping operators) are some other disadvantages associated with pop and bang. 

💬POP & BANG Software:

Pops and bangs software
Pop and Bang software

Okay, now we need to explain the Backfire or Pop & Bang Kit.

pops and bangs kit
pop and bang kit

These kits are hardware installed in the vehicle and have a button and a candle. After pressing the button, the engine RPM decreases for several seconds, and the raw fuel moves towards the exhaust source. Then the spark mounted in the exhaust ignites the raw fuel, generating the pop & bang phenomenon.

💬The Disadvantages of Pop & Bang Kits:

  • They void the vehicle's warranty (because you are making hardware modifications to your car)
  • They fail to fully convey the sporty feeling and the roar of pop fully and bang to the driver (because this system put a greater emphasis on the fire exiting the exhaust)
  • Electrical system malfunctioning

🚨Some people think by mistake that only turbocharged cars can generate pop and bang. This thinking is wrong and not only turbocharged cars, but also many other vehicles if remapping is done correctly and professionally.

🚨Besides petrol cars, we can also create pop and bang in many diesel cars.

🚩Pop and Bangs cost by Remap?

Pop and Bangs price differs from cars and in CaracalTech we can do it for you with the lowest price and we do our best with guarantee and support.

🏁Pop and Bangs Training Tutorial:

Here, you can learn once, fully and for good, the adjustments or pop & bang in petrol engines. Below is a link to burble tune training video in various software's and ECUs.

1- If you want to learn how to make pop and bangs in petrol engines in WinOLS and ECM Titanium software, you can enter to our ECU training course.

🚨 Direct link to pop and bang training video in WinOLS Software.

🚨 Direct link to pop and bang training video in ECM Titanium Software.

2- If you need only pop and bangs file, upload original ECU file in Tuning File Service, after short time our experts send you remapped file.

3- If you know remapping software like WinOLS or Swiftec, for ease and accuracy of work you can use CaracalTech Mappack in the following link.

📍For more information and probable problems feel free to contact us: support@caracaltech.com