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  • What is launch control?
  • How does the launch control system work?
  • How to do the launch control Remap/ launch control module?
  • In what types of vehicles can you do launch control remap/ launch control module?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of launch control remap
  • Launch control remap applications
  • Launch control remap training in ECU


You've probably seen the dragging noise and smoke created at the start line in car races like FORMULA 1 or NASCAR (and other drag races), and maybe you have personally been to such races as a driver or passenger. Do you wonder what makes such smoke and noise? That is the question were are going to answer in this article.
launch Control technology, which, like many other technologies in the automotive world, owes its creation and invention to the advancement and expansion of the use of electronic components, was invented in the 1980s and early 1980s. Launch control was initially tested on racing cars like any other automotive technology. However, the inventors wanted to reduce the vehicle's dissipation and depreciation at the start of the movement and ensure higher initial acceleration. You are indeed on our side about the profound significance of these items for the racing car that competes for milliseconds.
The launch control system had allowed the driver to get the highest efficiency from the engine, wheels, and gearbox at the beginning of the start with minimum initial movement loss. 

Launch control car-What is Launch Control, and How Does it Work
Launch control

💬How Does The “Launch Control” System Work?

The excellent performance of this system in racing cars increased the use of this technology in regular vehicles.
A launch control system's optimal functioning needs a good electronic and mechanical coupling with other vehicle components, such as throttle valve, gearbox, brake, and track control.
The logic of this system, though, is that the amount of slip is minimized at the beginning of the movement, and once the vehicle is moving, the engine and torque do not drop. Now, you have to do precise calculations and find a medium level to adjust this condition because if the clutch is released at the high RPM, the high force on the wheels wastes the helpful kinetic friction, causing the wheels to slip at the start of the movement. Likewise, releasing the clutch while starting the move below normal RPM also leads to engine power loss at the beginning of the movement.
The vehicles that do not have launch control system, the driver should use his skills. In this case, the driver simultaneously pushes the accelerator and brake to reach the necessary RPM, which, depending on the vehicle type and engine, is something between 3500 and 4500). Now, the driver should slowly release the accelerator based on the engine's sound, experience, and knowledge of his car to minimize the wheel slippage and maximize the initial acceleration.
This logic has been used to develop the launch control system. As we mentioned above, a good launch control system requires the concomitant, concordant functioning of different systems and components of the vehicle. For this purpose, once the driver activates the launch control system, he should accelerate to reach the RPM limit set by the manufacturer. Once at the designated RPM, the launch control system locks RPM at that set value. In this situation, even further pushing the accelerator does not increase the RPM.
Now, it is time for the transmission system to play its part in the next stage. So that the launch control system sends the maximum and calculated torque (RPM) from the previous step to the power transmission system and from there to the wheels. Now, as mentioned above, if this transitional power to the wheels exceeds the permissible limit, it will lead to wheel slippage. However, accurately coupling the launch control system with the vehicle's brake system (via ECU) prevents slippage and energy waste. These elements cause the launch control system to be highly more accurate and systematic than the driver's conventional manual launch control.

launch control system-How to use Launch Control-BMW Launch control
launch control system                                                                                           How to use Launch Control                                                                                  BMW Launch control     

🚨Some Essential Tips To Remember:

  • If your vehicle has launch control system, you can learn how to activate it from the relevant user manual of the car provided by the manufacturer.
  • It is advisable not to do this in the morning or after a long time of engine inactivity, since when the engine is not warm, doing this will damage the engine.
  • Do not do this with the automatic transmission (while the gear is set to N). Doing this with an automatic gearbox is extremely wrong and can cause severe damage to the transmission and gearbox, imposing high fix costs on the owner.
  • Try not to leave the car idle for a long time after activating this system (launch within 15 to 20 seconds once you have activated it).
  • Launching in turbocharged vehicles can be more helpful and smoother because the launch control system gives such vehicles higher RPMs starting to move. Hence, turbocharged blades can rotate faster and show a better performance. 
  • Vehicles with DSG transmission require DSG remap to activate this system.

💬How To Do The “Launch Control” Remap?

As you probably know, this system is mostly used in dual-clutch gearboxes, but it can also be viewed or even launched in manual transmission systems.
Based on your vehicle's model and its specifications, such as gearbox type, torque tables, and so forth, a number is calculated for your engine's RPM launch limit. Then, using relevant tools and applications, this number is defined for your car's ECU to allow it to be launched the right way.

💬In What Types of Vehicles Can You Do The “Launch Control Remap/ Launch Control Module”?

Today, many of the vehicles on the market are equipped with a launch control system, from the M Series of BMW to the Porsche 911 and the Turbo Panamera, some Mitsubishi S-Sport, Volkswagen models with DSG transmission, such as the Golf R and Bugatti.
If your manual gear or dual-clutch car does not have this system, you can access this system by remapping it. The EDC set of ECSs in these brands have this capability: BMW's, some Fiat models, Ford, Seat, Porsche, Renault, Suzuki, Opel, and Kia (Of course, not all models and ECUs of the mentioned companies have this capability, and to find out if you can define this system on ECU, you can go to the tutorials or contact us by email so that we can answer this question).

💬The Pros and Cons of “Launch Control System”:

You can hardly name any drawback to the launch control system, but on the other hand, it would a bit of exaggerating to call any particular advantage of using this system as well. Although giving you the optimal power at the start of the movement, you cannot really say: "If you do not use the launch control system, you are damaging your car."
In fact, perhaps the most notable advantage of using the launch control system is that it gives you a professional sporty driving vibe with the maximum power possible. So if you're thirty to feel all the power of  your car's engine, the launch control system can help you.

Launch control remap- Software for Launch control map- DSG gearbox Launch control
                                     Launch control remap                                                                  Software for Launch control map                                                              DSG gearbox Launch control

💬"Launch Control" Remap Software:

At CaracalTech, with years of experience in the field of calibration and ECU remapping, we can fully identify and change “LAUNCH CONTROL” tables in all related ECUs. We have distinct techniques for resetting launch control or “LAUNCH CONTROL MODULE” maps. Furthermore, we also have prepared an in ECU launch control system full performance training course so that you can identify and select “LAUNCH CONTROL” tables in EMS by taking only one basic training and applying the necessary modifications.
Below, you can see examples of images of the launch control environment in ECM Titanium and WinOLS.

🏁"Launch Control" Cost By Remap ?

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