Software WinOLS stands for "Windows-based Open System for Engine Control Units." It is a popular software tool used by automotive professionals, particularly tuners to the electronic control unit (ECU) maps of vehicles.

🚩What is WinOLS Software? Can We Use It to Remap any ECU?

The ECU is responsible for controlling various aspects of an engine's performance, such as fuel injection timing, turbo boost pressure, ignition timing, and more. WinOLS provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to access and manipulate these ECU maps, also known as binary files or data files.

Here are some key features and functions of WinOLS:

  1. Map Editing: WinOLS enables users to edit various parameters within the ECU maps. These parameters may include fuel delivery, AFR, boost pressure, torque limits, and more. By modifying these values, users can optimize the engine's performance according to their preferences or specific requirements.
  2. Map Import/Export: The software allows users to import existing ECU map files or export modified maps back to the ECU. This feature facilitates the sharing of maps between tuners and enables collaboration.
  3. Map Comparison: WinOLS offers the option to compare different ECU maps side by side. This feature helps users analyze the differences between stock and modified maps or compare different tuning files.
  4. 3D/2D View: The software provides a visual representation of the ECU maps in both 3D and 2D views. This graphical display makes it easier for users to understand and modify the maps effectively.
  5. Automatic Map Detection: WinOLS can automatically detect maps within the ECU file as potential maps and you need to have tuning knowledge and training to be able to find tuning maps like injection duration, spark advance, lambda, turbo, ignition, and others.
  6. Checksum Correction: When making modifications to the ECU maps, WinOLS ensures that the checksum values within the file remain correct. This is important because checksums are used to verify the integrity of the data and prevent unauthorized modifications.

💬Download WinOLS:

WinOLS supports a wide range of ECUs from different manufacturers. This flexibility makes it a valuable software for tuners working on various vehicle brands and models. Additionally, EVC Electronic provides regular updates and technical support, ensuring compatibility with new ECU versions and addressing any software-related issues. You can purchase this software from ECV official website

💬WinOLS Cracked - WinOLS 5:

Although nowadays some users use the cracked version of WinOLS, it is not a good idea, and our recommendation is to use the original version so that you can also benefit from the support provided by the company, EVC.

✅WinOLS Training PDF:

🔥Many people are looking for WinOLS Training PDF. We believe that learning WinOLS in this way is difficult but we have prepared “WinOLS Basic Training PDF” for Free:

WinOLS PDF (Part 1)

WinOLS PDF (Part 2)

WinOLS PDF (Part 3)

WinOLS PDF (Part 4)

WinOLS PDF (Part 5)

WinOLS PDF (Part 6)

💬WinOLS Demo:

EVC has a demo version of WinOLS and you can download WinOLS demo for free and then, after testing and if you want, you can buy this software.

💬What is the WinOLS Alternative?

At the moment, the ECM Titanium Software is one of the main competitors of WinOLS, and in this link we have compared this two software completely.

💬WinOLS Price:

Due the possibility of change in the price of WinOLS software, you can check the price of this software from this link:

🏁WinOLS Tuning:

Most tuners in the world use WinOLS software to remap vehicles, which is a comprehensive and professional sign of this software. We are also one of the users of this software and we use this software for remapping of many vehicles. Also, Our WinOLS training courses for diesel and petrol cars and many other ECUs can be seen in this link.

🏁WinOLS TCU (Gearbox) Tuning:

Many of our customers ask us if the WinOLS software also has the capability of TCU remapping or not?

The answer to this question is positive. The WinOLS software not only has the capability of remapping ECU but also has the capability of remapping TCU. You can see the list of gearboxes that can be remapped, along with the tutorial for TCU tuning, here. Also we can make TCU Mappack for you.

🔥You can watch “What is WinOLS Software” on YouTube.

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