KESS3 is a ECU programmer able to read, write and clone via OBD, Boot Mode and Bench Mode. So, a single device with all the features and protocols of KESS V2 and K-TAG.
KESS3 will replace KESS V2 and K-TAG, and distribution starting from April 2022. KESS3 will be identical in the master and slave versions. Customers and resellers will be able to select it (Master or Slave) during the configuration / purchase phase.
The customer can, during the configuration / purchase phase, choose the desired communication mode (OBD or Boot/ Bench Mode) and the type of vehicle on which he intends to work. As far as the boot communication is concerned, the distinction for microprocessor is no longer present.

Kess3 new alientech programmer carcaltech
New Alientech programmer, Kess3 and components


💬Price and protocols of KESS3:

Kess3 includes two types: Master and Slave, each of which also includes these protocols:

  •  Car (ECU and TCU Tunning) & LCV
  •  Bike - ATV & UTV
  •  Agriculture - Truck & Buses
  •  Marine & PWC

These protocols are available for both OBD option and Bench/Boot option, and depending on which protocol and option you want, the prices will vary. You can also inquire about the prices via our WhatsApp +1 (778) 300-2603 or our email

Note that the base price (hardware price) is 700 euros, to which the prices of your requested options will be added.

📍Additionally, a 12-month subscription for Master is 1190 euros and for Slave is 590 euro.

💬Advantages of KESS3:

✔️ Integrated Operations (OBD Tuning & Bench/ Boot Tuning)

✔️ Upgradable from Slave to Master

✔️ Separate Car & Bike & Agriculture-truck & Marine Protocols

✔️ Works with some existing old KESS V2 cables

✔️ Using new software, Alientech Suite instead of GSuite

✔️ Upgraded Cable Set (Some of old cables are usable yet)

✔️ Checksum Calculations is quicker.

✔️ Minimum Processing time in “Reading & Writing”.

✔️ In service mode, there are large areas of ECU brand that they can “Read & Write” only by the pins.

✔️ Using an anti-impact and anti-slip rubber layer to prevent physical injuries during works.

✔️ Providing valuable tips before “Reading & Writing” the ISO program to prevent possible crashes.

✔️ Simplify the menu to find the desired vehicle

💬KESS3 New Features:

The KESS3 tool comes with awesome new features, and we honestly can say that Alientech did a great job! Ok, so what are the new features:

  • OBD, BOOT / Bench all in one tool
  • ECU cloning option
  • Bluetooth features
  • GPS features
  • Brand new Alientech suite Interface
  • Interface customization options

🏁KESS3 Sales Conditions:

KESS3 will be sold with a 12-month subscription included in the purchase price. The subscription will be unique regardless of the selected configuration. During 2022 the continuous subscription with monthly payment will also be introduced. Prices and configurations will be available starting from February 2022.
Customers in possession of KESS V2 and K-TAG, both in the Master and Slave version, will be able to obtain a percentage discount automatically calculated based on the selected KESS3 configuration and the configuration already active on their old instruments, if they decide to trade in the their old devices.

🚨If you want to buy Kess3, contact us +1 (778) 300-2603 or email