Remap and Dyno tuning Hima S7

Remap and Dyno tuning Hima S7

The Haima S7 debuted at the 2010 Auto China show as the Haima 7 and is being sold since July 2010 in China.

Haima S7 is a subsidiary of the FAW Group and this product currently offered with two following engine in the market: 

1-Bosch ME7 with ECU Bosch , atmospheric engine with code HM484Q, 2000cc

Bosch me7.x.x ECU Hima S7
Bosch me7.x.x ECU Hima S7

2-Bosch ME17 with ECU Bosch, turbocharged model with code HM484Q-T, 1800cc

Bosch me17.x.x ECU Hima S7
Bosch me17.x.x ECU Hima S7


As mentioned above, naturally aspirated engine and turbocharged (T/C), are two types of engines in this car.

Because of the following problems existing in turbocharged engine, it is decided to dyno tuning of this model:

1- knocking when turbocharger boosts

2-engine temperature increasing at the time of wot

3-high lag of turbocharged engine

4-inadequate acceleration and traction

5-high and frequently errors in reduction of catalyst efficiency in low operating conditions (p0420).




Remap of these two ECUs differs completely. Accordingly, compression ratio of these two engines should be considered and balance among spark advance, torque and fuel table. In other words, uniform acceleration established in any condition. In turbocharged engines remapping, special tables to turbocharging engine must be reviewed and turbo load must be divided evenly, in different cycles.      

Before starting, first connect scanner to car, being assured of soundness of sensors and actuators and not existing trouble code. 

As you can see in this picture, DTC P0420 appears . This error relates to reducing catalyst efficiency. 

Although, mileage of this automobile equals to 10.000 km and its catalyst is flawless, low quality material existing in the catalyst case causes this error.  

P0420 (Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold)
P0420 DTC (Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold)


Then, properly strap the car down and after set up the Dynojet , start to run.

As graph depicts, in the case of engine speed is up to about 5000 rpm, afr is near to 14.7:1.

As previously described about appropriate AFR to turbocharged engine, is better these engines fed rich fuel when they are underload (WOT).

Considering such a very lean AFR on this engine by FAW Company probably relating to meet requirements of Euro 5 emission standards and low fuel consumption in this car.

For this reason, while engine of this car is warm, if accelerate, knock sound can be heard obviously. As previously pointed out, one of the reason of engine knocking is lean afr; which this issue can be seriously dangerous if engine being turbo. Because of the fact that, besides of knock, this afr made severely combustion temperature increases and this means increase of internal part like as piston, turbo, catalyst, etc.

Combiloader for Bosch me17
Combiloader for Bosch me17

Regarding dyno results, in next stage ECU of this car -which is Bosch me17.8.8 type - read via OBD2 by combiloader programmer. (If you are not acquainted with this program, you can completely being familiar it by this link).

WinOLS software ECU Tuning
WinOLS software ECU Tuning







We apply WinOLS software to remap this automobile. Different lookup table such as lambda, turbocharge, spark advance, etc. are identified and choice them.

For changing of tables it is decided to increase fuel at WOT situation or technically made afr  rich. As a result, besides of increasing in power and torque, due to more fuel feed in combustion chamber, combustion temperature descended and engine performs more safely.





Dyno graph of Hima s7 ECU tuning
Dyno graph of Hima s7 ECU tuning

Moreover above cases, since adjusting afr on 13:1, engine knock completely resolved; consequently, prevent this destructive phenomenon.


Also, to maximize improvement, we work on engine torque, engine load and boost turbocharge tables.


The results of accurate revision can be seen on ECU tables and gaing maximum outcome on dyno graph. 




Summary of the benefits of Hima S7 remap 

  • reduce turbo lag
  • Increase in acceleration and torque up to 15%
  • Increase engine power to 7 hp (atmospheric model) and 17 hp in turbo model
  • Reduce of fuel consumption to 10%
  • improve pedal response and eliminates valve delay
  • Solving of knock sound in middle cycle (in automatic model)
  • Speed limit removal
  • Second O2 sensor removal or catalyst wear error if the catalyst is removed
  • Gearbox update and speed up operation in gear shift


Contact us via one of the following three ways, to use our experiences in TURBO-hima S7 remapping and access to all parameters without any error.  


1-If you want to learn how to remap Hima S7 with Bosch ECU in WinOLS and ECM software, you can enter to our ECU training course.

2-if you need only remapping file, upload original ECU file in Tuning File Service, after short time our experts send you remapped file.

3-if you know remapping software like WINOLS or ECM, for ease and accuracy of work you can use CaracalTech Mappack in the following link.


Frequently asked question

  1. Does the remap cause turbocharged engine failure?

No, CaracalTech Company accomplish turbo boost to the controlled limit. As engine safety coefficients are observed. For this reason, there is no danger to this part. Do not forget, maintenance and regarding turbo details are the key measures to increase of its lifetime. 


        2.  Does Hima S7 Remap have staged?

Up to writing of this article, aftermarket parts to strengthen this engine have not been offered, thus it is not possible to claim aggressive stage. 


        3. does remap invalidate the warranty?

As the remap is a software process and has no impact on the appearance of the car, therefore it does not account for revoking of warranty. But it is recommended that not mentioned about that to agency officials to not make an excuse them for evading from their commitments. 

For more information and probable problems feel free to contact





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