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VW Golf GTI/ R/ GLI MK7 ECU Tune & Remap

VW Golf GTI/ R/ GLI MK7 ECU Tune & Remap

🚩Remap of Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7:

golf gti mk7 ecu location-golf ecu

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf was presented to the global market from 2014 to 2021. This car is considered as a template for the hatchback class. This generation is presented on the MQB First Generation C-segment platform which is common on cars of the same class like Seat Leon and Audi A3. 

Golf GTI is presented in two-door and 5-door models. Its engine is a 2.0L TSI equipped with Turbo Charger system and uses direct fuel injection. In the basic version, it produces 220HP and 230 HP in the performance version.

The specifications of the ECU used in this engine are:

  • Engine: 1984cc BQ1/ 227hp/ 350 N.m (2.0L TSI)
  • ECM: Continental Simos 18.1 (TC 1791)

💬We suggest Three Programmers for Remapping of this ECU:

1- Alientech (Kess V2):

It programs this ECU via OBD port and protocol 473 in VR (virtual) mode.

(This means that you do not need to read the flash, and after identifying the ECU, you can download the original ECU file from the Alientech data bank and remap on it).

2- Auto Tuner:

This programmer programs the ECU via Continental Simos18.x TC1791 menu using OBD port. 

3- DIMSPORT (My Genius):

This programmer connects to the ECU through a Diagnostic port (OBD II) as a separate device without the need for a laptop and programs the ECU. (Because this device does not require a charger, connection cable and laptop, it is safer for programming)

4- Magic motorsport (FLEX):

One of the advanced programmers that has a very good speed and is easy to use. 

golf gti ecu tuning golf mk7 remap

💬The tables that must be considered in remapping process are:

  • Engine torque
golf mk7 ecu tuning software
  • Injection system
  • Turbo Boost
  • Rail pressure
  • Variable geometry turbo
  • Limiter of Turbo pressure
  • Turbo pressure
  • Torque limiter tables
  • Torque request during standard condition
  • Torque during cranking
  • Injection timing
  • Injection time

✅MK7 Golf GTI Tuning Packages:

  • Since all direct-injection (GDI) turbo engines can achieve power in a high AFR Ratio compared to the Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) engines, you can use leaner AFR considering the capabilities of propulsion system and the gasoline used.
  • It is not recommended to increase cut-off to more than 500 revolutions (as shown in figure, we have increased cut-off up to 7000 revolutions).
  • If aftermarket parts like Intake Kit, Down Pipe, or Water-methanol Kits are installed, your remapping program will get adopted to these devices to obtain the maximum power.
  • For the cars that install Down Pipe, P0420 error will be erased so check light associated with this warning not to be turned on.
  • One method to increase power is using Turbo Upgrade Kit. Caracal Tech Company has the technical knowledge to match this part with ECU set.

❓What does DECAT mean and what do we do DeCAT?

We have written a complete article about DeCAT and its advantages and disadvantages, which you can read it for more information.

💬Considering the modifications applied to your car’s engine, you can choose between three Tuning Stages:

  1. STG 1 ECU TUNE/ City Mapping: Improving operational conditions of the engine for daily usage
  2. STG 2 ECU TUNE/ Street Mapping: Enhancing the performance of the engine considering aftermarket parts like Intake Kit, Down Pipe, Cat less
  3. STG 3 ECU TUNE/ Race Mapping: In this stage, more extensive modifications are applied to the engine such as Turbo Upgraded Kit, intercooler Upgraded, and Water-methanol E85 kit

💬If you learn the ECU remapping of this car, you will also be able to remap the following cars:

  • Seat Leon MK3 2013-2018
  • Audi A3  2013-2019

🏁Contact us via one of the following Three ways, to use our experiences in Golf GTI remapping and access to all parameters without any error.  

1- If you want to learn how to remap Golf MK7 GTI with Continental Simos ECU in WinOLS and ECM Titanium software, you can enter to our ECU Training Course.

2- If you need only remapping file, upload original ECU file in Tuning File Service, after short time our experts send you remapped file.

3- If you know remapping software like WinOLS or ECM Titanium, for ease and accuracy of work you can use CaracalTech Mappack in the following link.

📍For more information and probable problems feel free to contact us: support@caracaltech.com


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