🚩What You Will Read in This Article: 

  • What is the EGR System and What is the Purpose of EGR?
  • How EGR system works
  • How Does EGR Reduce Emissions?
  • Various Types of EGR Systems
  • EGR system failure symptoms
  • Pros and Cons of Removing/Delete EGR Systems
  • EGR Removal/Delete software
  • How to Delete EGR from ECU (training)

🚩Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR):

Environmental regulations on the production of lower-consumption cars and higher vehicle emission standards are annually getting tougher, while various mechanisms and technologies have been developed to reduce emissions, and EGR is one of such technologies. This short article briefly investigates the EGR technology.

egr system diagram-egr system location-egr valve system

🚩The Role of Nitrogen Oxides in Air Pollution:

Exhaust emissions include many pollutants, and nitrogen oxides (NOx), as a group of these pollutants, pose the most severe environmental risks. Exhaust pollutant compounds of diesel engines include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, soot particles, unburnt hydrocarbons (UHCs), and nitrogen oxides.
Exhaust gas regeneration system (EGR) is one of the main solutions for reducing diesel-induced pollution levels, whose main duty is to reduce nitrogen oxides levels in the emissions of car engines, especially diesel engines as much as possible.

🚩The Formation of Nitrogen Oxides:

The maximum temperature ranges from 1800 to 2100°C in diesel engines at combustion peak and in the flame center, and from 850 to 1400 Celsius in petrol engines, leading to an active bonding between nitrogen and oxygen molecules.
Considering the conditions for the formation of nitrogen oxides and the unfeasibility of preventing nitrogen from entering the engine, the best preventative measure against the formation of this dangerous compound is to control the composition conditions by reducing the combustion chamber temperature. Obviously, reducing the combustion temperature comes with consequences since controlling the temperature results in output power loss due to preventing the release of maximum energy of the fuel. Subsequently, if maintaining power output is needed, more fuel should be consumed in each cycle. Depending on the type of EGR system used, the amount of additional fuel for obtaining equal power from two similar engines with and without EGR will vary between %2 and %10.

🚩How To Control Combustion Temperature:

Now that we have discussed and realized NOx, as one of the main families of engine pollutants, are formed at ultra-high combustion temperatures, the ideal preventative measure for reducing pollutants is seemingly reducing the combustion temperature of the engine, which is not so easy since combustion occurs instantaneously. Therefore, some solutions such as cooling the cylinder body do not help reduce the combustion temperature.
One of the solutions to reduce combustion temperature is to diverge the inlet air of the engine, which is feasible by recirculating part of the exhaust gas to the engine.
As part of the exhaust gas enters the engine inlet and subsequently, the combustion chamber, the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber is limited, leading to a decrease in the combustion temperature. This process is the basis of EGR. The return of exhaust gas depends on engine round per minute, residual oxygen in exhaust smoke, ambient temperature, engine temperature, and ambient height.
As mentioned above, EGR should be able to reduce the combustion temperature, but because of the high temperature of the exhaust gas, if the engine's output gas directly returns to the combustion chamber, not only will it not reduce the temperature, but also it will raise the temperature of the combustion chamber. As a result, a cooling system is installed in the path of the gas flow to lower the exhaust gas temperature before recirculation into the manifold to lower the risk of overheated gas entering the engine.

🚨In some cases, for more performance or reduce fuel consumption we are compelled to tune of EGR through ECU control maps or switching off the EGR.

💬EGR System Failure Symptoms:                                   

  1. Rough idling or stalling
  2. Poor Engine Performance
  3. Check engine Light on
  4. Smell Of Gasoline
  5. Increased fuel consumption
  6. Pinging, tapping, or knocking sounds
  7. More Emissions

💬The Benefit of EGR Delete/ off

  • Improved Throttle Response 
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs 
  • Runs smoothly and efficiently 
  • lower fuel consumption                                                                                
  • Engine parts remaining clean
  • Prolonged Engine and Turbo Life
  • Reduced Oil Contamination
  • Preventive measure for DPF failure
  • Lowered engine temperature
egr failure symptoms-egr delete-egr removal pros and cons

EGR OFF Software - EGR OFF Service:

If you also own a diesel vehicle, probably you are encountered problems caused by EGR, including the check engine light, lower engine performance, knocking, and repair and maintenance costs. To permanently solve these problems, our suggestion is to remove the EGR by software.

To remove EGR by software, you can use software such as WinOLS, Swiftec, RaceEvo, and ECM Titanium (only for certain vehicles). If you use the appropriate software for each vehicle and correctly identify the tables related to EGR removal, the problem with your EGR will be resolved once and for all.

At CaracalTech, we offer this service with a 30-month warranty for you. So if you need EGR off, upload your file here so that we can do this for you in the shortest time possible.

💬Disadvantages of Using an EGR Delete Kit:

There are also drawbacks to using an EGR delete kit.

         1. The engine may experience an increase in the exhaust gas temperature (EGT)
         2. Streetcars in the United States are not allowed to use theses KITs. You will fail your state’s emission tests
         3. It can cause your engine to start knocking
         4. Only allowed for off-road trucks.

🏁With years of experience in ECU calibration and remapping, we at CaracalTech can fully identify and tune EGR-related tables in all gasoline and diesel ECUs. In CaracalTech, resetting EGR maps or EGR REMOVAL can be done with different techniques. Besides, CaracalTech offers EGR system performance full training courses incorporated in ECU so that only by a single piece of training you can identify and select EGR control tables in ECM Titanium or fully perform EGR DELETE.

🚨Below, you can see 2d and 3d images of EGR control tables in three ECM pieces of software: Swiftec, and WinOLS.

egr delete software-egr off software-egr removal software

💬EGR Delete Remap Cost?

EGR removal price differs from cars and in CaracalTech we can do it for you with the lowest price and we do our best with guarantee and support.
Here, you can learn once, fully and for good, the adjustments or removal of EGR in gasoline and diesel engines. Below is a link to an EGR training video in various SOFTWARES and ECUs.
1- If you want to learn how to removal of EGR in gasoline and diesel engines in WinOLS and ECM Titanium software, you can enter to our ECU training course.
2- If you need only EGR OFF file, upload original ECU file in Tuning File Service, after short time our experts send you remapped file.
3- If you know remapping software like WinOLS or Swiftec, for ease and accuracy of work you can use CaracalTech Mappack in the following link.

🏁DPF Delete:

The DPF is one of many technologies used to reduce air pollution. The DPF system's performance is related to its ability to absorb particulate matter (soot).
High mileage vehicle, EGR valve problems & Poor performance tuning and etc. are causes of DPF failure.
Under such scenarios, so much particulate matter can accumulate and clog the exhaust gas passage out of the engine. You can remove DPF and after deleting you must modify ecu software. Removing the DPF software is permanent and hassle-free, which is a great advantage that will rid you of DPF clogging and blockage and the related problems and costs.
🚨NOTE: Most people are looking for EGR, DPF, SCR/ AdBlue Delete training course but we must say for any ECU and any car EGR, DPF, AdBlue/SCR has a different algorithm, and it is not possible to find the same way and method for this work.
For example, if you want to find a turbo pressure map in EDC17 ECU, we can say that it has the same 2d, 3d, or text view in all EDC17 ECUs but EGR, DPF, AdBlue/SCR for any EDC17 ECUs is different. So, what should we do? We need A2l files or Damos files for that especial ECU then try to find the EGR, DPF, AdBlue/SCR area in the file.
We use Swiftec software to do EGR, DPF, AdBlue/SCR OFF because it has some more working solutions.
You can see this link if you want to know some training examples.

🚨You can read an article on DPF Delete for more information on how this system works and the pros & cons of removing it.
📍For more information and probable problems feel free to contact us: support@caracaltech.com