🚩What You Read in This Article: 

  • What is The AdBlue System, and For What Purpose is it Used in Diesel Engines?
  • How Does The AdBlue System Work?
  • How Does The AdBlue System Reduce Emissions?
  • The Consumption and Cost of Diesel Engine Exhaust Fluid (DEEF)?
  • How to Bypass/ Disable The AdBlue System
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of AdBlue System Removal
  • AdBlue System Removal Software
  • AdBlue System Removal Training in ECU
  • Mercedes-Benz AdBlue Bypass

🚩What is the AdBlue System, and For What Purpose is it Used in Diesel Engines?

The latent potential energy of diesel is more than gasoline, has made it one of the most common fuels in vehicles, and diesel engines are one of the most popular engines in the transportation industry. However, like petrol, diesel produces many polluting emissions, leading to its own environmental concerns. Various technologies have been developed to reduce these emissions, and the Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) is one of them. SCR is based on removing or reducing NOxs emissions in the engine following the combustion of fuel and air, which is taken care of by AdBlue or DEEF (Diesel Engine Exhaust Fluid) solution. In fact, SCR is the name of this technology and AdBlue is the catalyst solution of the reaction. The general components of the SCR system include catalysts, the AdBlue injector, control system, and AdBlue's measurement/spray system.

🚩What is AdBlue and How Does it Work?

On most cars produced after 2015, AdBlue is built aiming to pass the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards and greatly reduce NOx amounts. 
AdBlue or (DEEF) is a colorless, odorless, and transparent solution that is highly soluble in water and lasts for up to 18 months if kept in optimal conditions, including a dry place and a cool temperature. For the production of AdBlue, ammonia and carbon dioxide are exposed to urea heat.
This solution contains 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water. The freezing temperature of AdBlue is -11 degrees, but to prevent freezing below -11 degrees, there is a ceramic heater in its tank that is heated as the engine is started, which will prevent the solution from freezing.
EGR-equipped cars do not need to use AdBlue, but if a car does not have EGR, it needs AdBlue to facilitate the NOx decomposition process.
AdBlue has a separate tank in most cars that is usually located either next to the fuel tank or under the spare tires. Note that AdBlue's liquid should be kept in special containers built with special technology. In fact, you cannot and should not keep AdBlue in any container.

AdBlue system diagram-AdBlue Tank-AdBlue injection function
AdBlue system diagram                                                                                         AdBlue Tank                                                                                                        AdBlue injection function 

🚩How Does AdBlue Reduce Emissions?

In the high temperature of the exhaust, NOx concentration is more than the amount that the catalyst can decompose into nitrogen and water, and that is where AdBlue comes to aid. In fact, gas temperature causes the AdBlue to release ammonia. Then, exhaust gases that contain NOx are combined with ammonia are transferred to particle filters and SCR. In fact, ammonia converts NOx to water and nitrogen. Since the process only regenerates NO and NO2 specifically, it is called selective catalytic reduction. The required ammonia in this process is injected into the catalyst by water and urea solution making the AdBlue significance more clear.

💬The Consumption and Cost of AdBlue:

The amount of AdBlue spraying depends on the amount of combustion-induced NOx emissions, which are determined by NOx sensors embedded before and after the catalyst as well as the operating conditions of the vehicle, such as engine RPM, exhaust gas pollution levels, and engine operating temperature.
Normally, the capacity of the AdBlue reservoir is between 10 and 25 liters and its consumption ranges from about %2 to %6 of the volume of gasoline consumption, based on the explanations above. In other words, each gallon of AdBlue suffices about 2 to 3 thousand miles. The cost per liter of AdBlue is between £1 and £1.5, depending on whether you purchase it from petrol stations or repair shops.
If your car's AdBlue lamp lights are switched on, it means that there are about 3 liters of AdBlue left in your vehicle, which will be enough for about 1,200 miles. After these extra miles, and provided that your car runs out of AdBlue solution, if you turn off the engine, you cannot start it again, and you should take your car to the repair shop. If the engine runs out of AdBlue in motion, not switching off the engine leads to power loss.

💬How to Bypass/Disable The AdBlue System:

Using an emulator, as a non-software AdBlue removal method, lead to many problems, instances of which have been observed in different cars, such as the Mercedes Sprinter. The following list contains some of the potential drawbacks of this method:

  • Many wiring-related issues in the car
  • Noise in the vehicle's power system
  • Getting fined if the police find out
  • Physical AdBlue removal voids car warranty
  • High cost

🚨That is why removing AdBlue using the software within the ECU is superior to the emulator method.

💬The Advantages of AdBlue Removal:

  • Removing AdBlue improves the respiratory efficiency of the engine because the existence of AdBlue relatively prevents smoke exhaust.
  • Unlike other methods, the software removal of AdBlue blocks the information of all relevant sensors.
  • AdBlue removal is economical since you will not need to fill the AdBlue tank forever.
  • In case of defects in the AdBlue system, you have to spend a lot of sometimes £5-6,000 on repairs, but removing AdBlue using the software method will rid you of these exorbitant costs.
  • With the software removal method, the error light will no longer be turned on.

💬Disadvantages of AdBlue Removal:

The greatest disadvantage of AdBlue Removal relates to environmental concerns and emissions. Another problem is that you may get fined if the police find out you have removed the AdBlue system, although the software removing method minimizes the risk.

🚩AdBlue Off Software:

Various software programs are used for AdBlue Off, including WinOLS, Swiftec, BitEdit, Race EVO and etc. The software you use for this task is important, but more importantly is identifying the table(s) relevant to AdBlue Off and make the correct software changes to these tables. If these changes are done correctly, you will not need to physically remove anything, and you will also be permanently free from error codes or a check engine light.

🚩AdBlue Off Service and AdBlue off solution:

As mentioned, in AdBlue Off software removal, the most important aspect is the proper use of software, tables, and the correct and complete execution of AdBlue Off. Therefore, you should entrust this task to a professional tuner to ensure that it is done once and for all without any error codes or check engine light.

So if you need a software solution for AdBlue Off, you can upload your file to the Tuning File Service section of CaracalTech. You will upload your file in the shortest possible time, and we will perform AdBlue Off for you in the shortest possible time.

AdBlue (DEF)-AdBlue consumption-AdBlue  remover kit-AdBlue remover software
  AdBlue (DEEF)                                                                     AdBlue consumption                                                                AdBlue removal kit                                                                                  AdBlue remover software

Advantages of Removing AdBlue in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (Mercedes-Benz AdBlue Bypass):

  • Engine life increases
  • There will be no need for AdBlue (DEEF) and associated costs 
  • The engine will be less likely to need repairs or become faulty

🚩SCR Delete Cost by Remap ?

SCR Removal price differs from cars and in CaracalTech we can do it for you with the lowest price and we do our best with guarantee and support.
Here, you can learn once, fully and for good, the adjustments or removal of AdBlue in Diesel engines. Below is a link of removing AdBlue training video in various software's and ECUs.

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