Best ECU Tuning Software


When you have successfully read the ECU file, you can save the file on a laptop during the final steps of the process. The type of the file that has been read from the ECU is of Hexadecimal type. It is the binary number that is programmed on the flash, It is actually a bin file. The size of the file that is read is different for various ECUs. The newer and more advanced ECUs have larger file size.
In older EMS systems, the engines were simpler and fewer components were controlled by the ECU. As an example, in Bosch MP5 and MP7, the file size is 128 kilobytes or 256 kilobytes which is quite low. This indicates that the ECU controls a simple 4-cylinder engine. In contrast, BMW M-power advanced engines with newer EMS systems have a larger file size, near 4 megabytes which are 15 times larger because these engines have advanced direct fuel injection or GDI, Variable Valve system, turbocharger and etc.
To tune and make changes in the file we need software to be able to change the lookup table values such as fuel, spark advance, turbocharger pressure.
Nowadays, there is plenty of ECU Tuning software that companies have brought to the market. Each of the software is designed for a specific type of job. We will select them depending on the type of work we want to do.

We will introduce some of the software that has the most application and popularity, meanwhile supporting a wide range of ECU types.


The WinOLS Software produced by EVC Electronics, has become one of the best tuning software due to its unique capabilities in detecting parameters in the different ECU tables such as the torque limit, fuel injection, spark advance, and also ease of parameter change in ECU file.
Another attractive capability is that it does the checksum correction after making changes to the file. It’s important to mention that this ability is only applicable to ECU types that have their plugin in the software database. The software helps you to review the dump via an 8-bit or 16-bit data for the required table and make necessary changes as you wish.
It is also able to show the tables in 2D or 3D views, which helps you to recognize the tables and change parameters via WinOLS.
These specifications make WinOLS one of the most advanced ECU tuning software among the competitors.
For those who have enough information, it is possible to edit any area of the dump optionally and manually, and for experts who want to do new things with their analysis, it is the best choice.
For those who don’t have enough experience to analyze the data in the software the way experts do, they can search the tables in the software by automatic searching or use the “mappack” to access all the tables. The WinOLS mappack is a file that defines and categorizes tables, parameters, factors, and specific table structures. For instance, if you are working on a specific project in WinOLS, you can purchase the mappack associated with the project or build your map pack. Therefore, if you have a similar project, you can import the map pack in the software and quickly access the tables and parameters that you had created earlier.

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💬Damos/A2L Files in WinOLS:

All essential tables and parameters in the ECU file can be detected using these files that have been defined by the experts or car manufacturers. By providing the Damos file, the ECU will separate, categorize and group all the parameters for the user using the WinOLS software. Having the Damos file can help you gain knowledge and expertise in various ECU files so that you can build dumps with a higher level.
With the help of these files, which have been prepared for each ECU and separately by the vehicle manufacturer or experts, all tables and even a single vital parameter of the vehicle’s ECU program can be identified so that using Damos ECU, all tables can be identified as categories and introductions are found for the educated user.
Different Damos ECU can increase your mastery and knowledge of varying ECU files and create dumps with higher stages.
WinOLS is an ECU remapping software whose unique abilities separate it from the competitors, such as the ability to copy a part of a file on another one or compare it to other ECU files.
When you learn how to work with WinOLS, you can open any ECU file in the software and tune it. On the other side, the capabilities of this software will be a drawback for those who are amateur and yet to start their ECU tuning business. For instance, the process of finding a table manually or having to use a map pack and purchasing it may become its downside.
And finally, it can be said that this software compared to other rivals has not had an appealing graphical environment.
Nevertheless, the software has many superiorities, which will be discussed and studied in our training course.

💬ECM Titanium Software:

The ECM Titanium software is made by the Italian Alientech company that also produces KESS and KTAG programmers.
If you are a beginner and don’t have good dominant on ECU lookup tables, then ECM Titanium Tuning Software will be an ideal choice for you. You can buy the ECM Titanium USB dongle and connect it to your PC, and the software will be ready to use. 
Working with ECM Titanium is easy and more convenient than WinOLS, and it also has a beautiful graphical interface. When you import the original file that is read using the programmer into the software, it automatically starts searching in its database to find the driver. You may have a question that “What is the driver?”
Driver is actually a predefined tables which is made by Alientech company for specific car and engine and ECU.
You can also select the corresponding driver manually. After you have selected the driver, the chosen driver displays the map list related to the main and essential tables such as the tables for ignition, fuel, torque and etc. One of the advantages of this performance tuning software is that it converts the offsets, factor numbers, and table axis to real values which helps to understand them better. After you have selected the table, you can see them in Hex, 2D and 3D view and change them in the same place. The reason why 2D and 3D view are used is that it helps to remember the types and shapes in the ECU tables. Therefore, you would not need to use a map pack or manually search like the WinOLS.
The ECM Titanium has added an option called Driver Maker for the more professional and interested people who would like to manually select some areas of the ECU maps or the TCU and make changes in them. By using that, you can make new drivers or modify the Alientech databank.
ECM is equipped with a powerful and complete databank, and grants you access to all the vehicle files. Each time you select and download the file, the file is saved on the USB Dongle, which will be always accessible. 
If you read a file not using KESS and K-TAG programmers and needed to open it in the ECM Software, you may face some problems.
When the dump is opened and automatic search has begun, sometimes the software can not find the driver, therefore you need to select the option to find the vehicle and ECU model manually. By opening the remap table you would notice that the numbers in the table are missing or mixed up. This situation can happen even if you open the file using the KESS and K-TAG programmers. This happens because the tables and parameters in the ECM Titanium are defined using an address.
When the dump is loaded in ECM Titanium and the automatic search is started, the software sometimes does not find the desired driver, so you must manually find and select the preferred option based on the type of vehicle or ECU.
If this happened, you can send your file to Alientech support, so they could fix the driver. The support team performs greatly and you don’t need to worry about this issue.
In the full version, an option for checksum correction exists for different files.
One of the biggest problems of this software is that it does not have some of the options required for the remap, and this is a deliberate policy on the part of the company. According to the conversations we had with the company, these options will not be added in the future. For example, you cannot remove the DTC from the ECU file with this software, or you do not have the option to disable DPF or AdBlue.
This is a significant disadvantage, especially for mechanics or tuners, because in tuning work, sometimes it is necessary to remove some of the engine operators through the remap to achieve better performance. 

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💬Swiftec Software by VC Powerteam Company:

This software is one of the most convenient and it’s easy to work with for ECU tuning, suitable for people who don’t have proficiency in this field. Experience has shown that this software performs great when it is run for Bosch EDC15, EDC16, and EDC17 ECU models. Different options such as cold start noise reduction, hot start fix, boost sensor calibration, kick down deactivation, sports display calibration, flaps removal, etc. can be used with it while they don’t exist in other software.
One option that makes so many tuners use this software is the option of DTC Removal Module that removes many of the ECU DTC codes separately and permanently.
The software automatically detects each of the points mentioned earlier and after selecting the item and pressing the desired option, it changes the file and the “automatic checksum detection module” corrects the checksum file which can be later saved. It is like a piece of cake! It means that almost all the remapping steps are completed automatically.
After you have finished your project, you can create your map pack or simply use the map packs made by the Swiftec company if you don’t have enough time to do so. This software can show the map in 2D and 3D views, which will ease the manual selection of the tables.
Online access to the database and the option to use the super maps are two of its benefits.
The drawback of this software is the limited number of ECUs and newer ones that are not supported. Although it's possible to select and edit the tables manually, most of the students who work with Swiftec are amateurs and cannot manually edit tables.

OBD reading protection module: 
This module was created so tuners can prevent the copy of their work protecting a file to be read by others via OBD with any tool. The module also works automatically such as DPF or FAP removal module when saving file user will be asked if they want or not to protect their work. By activating the read protection other functions such as write process, dealer software update, and normal diagnostic functions remain active and available.
In conclusion, Swiftec is a powerful and versatile tool for editing tables and parameters and it is very advanced performance tuning software. 
But its price is almost twice as high as competitors in the market.

💬Race Evo Software:

The Race Evo software made by Dimsport Italy is embedded in the programmers of this company. It features Race Evo standard, Race Evo plus, and Race Evo full versions with different options.
At a first glance, this product is an ECU tuning software for people at different levels, it is good for amateur users, but it may not be very attractive for professional users. It can be said that technically it is not inferior to the competitors, but it does not have advantages and better options either. By connecting the USB dongle to a laptop, map databases can be accessed.

  • Race Evo Standard:
    When the ECU file is opened in the software, the maps are sorted and selected as tables based on the performance of the parameters. The tables are shown with offset numbers and real factors. Also, the table axis is labeled with correct units. A good feature of this tuning software is the graphical and colorful display of 3D view that help to understand the number calibration process better. The tables can be displayed in 3D and it is possible to change them numerically and as a percentage. In the standard version, there is no feature to present in 2D, and features such as hex/decimal code, map duplication, ‘user maps’ creation, file resizing, etc. are disabled.
    Checksum correction is only done via the setting file.
    If you do not have enough knowledge regarding the ECU remap and you are not able to correctly identify and select the tables inside the map and also do not want to do ECU tuning at a professional level and with many details, I suggest using the Race EVO Standard version. This version provides the initial tables and parameters to upgrade the performance of the engine or to reduce fuel consumption. You can change them and get an acceptable result.
  • Race Evo Plus:
    A more advanced version, The Race Evo Plus, is available for those who have more experience in this field since it gives you more freedom to change the parameters and analyze the ECU file. The most important feature that has been included in this version is the 2D and hex/decimal code display. Also, the tables and areas of the table that have been previously defined by Dimsport team experts are now marked in 2D view to ease access to the whole map file. These options help you compare the previously modified files. In this version, you can arbitrarily choose and manually change some areas of a file. So, you can personalize the database of your map files. The Plus version has two offers for professional customers. The first one is the checksum correction without the help of file setting and file resizing for use in other software, and the second one is the operation revolution which makes the professionals finish the job faster.
  • Race Evo Full:
    The final and most complete version is recommended for the experts. In this version, no specific feature has been added to make changes in the map tables, and the new additions revolution up operations and access. For example, the drag and drop feature has been included, and to use it, read the target file with New Genius, and the file will be categorized and saved based on the manufacturing company, engine, and system model.


This software contains a user-friendly interface. It also comes with a variety of preset options, which help users to fine tune their cars. With such features, you can tune your car according to your desired level of performance.
It does have limited features compared to other software solutions. It is so fast in writing some ECUs in short time. You need to similar with A2l Files before using this software, that is why professionals are more comfortable with this. It can be complicated for beginners. Another drawback is that it is not compatible with all kinds of vehicles. The maps are based on A2L Files. EcuTek car tuning software comes with a range of features, like real-time data logging that help you gain insights into the real performance of your vehicle. You need to download and install it on your computer and then make a few necessary modifications. These modifications mostly involve changing the calibration values of the tires, engine and other components of the car.

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