🚩Best ECU ChipTuning Tools:

These tools are a connection device between the laptop and the car’s ECU, which is used for reading and writing the ECU’s memory in different methods. Depending on the type of the car or ECU, the method of reading or writing the file can be different. Programmers have a wide variety of models. These models are different depending on the type of the job you want to perform and the type of the car and ECU. Because many vehicles have the ability to program through a diagnostic socket or OBD II, but in some others, the programming process is done by a direct connection to the microprocessor or flash. This method is called bench ECU programming.
There are totally two ways for programming an ECU:

  1. Programming via OBD ll port: Which in this case, you can get the job done without removing the ECU from the vehicle.
  2. Bench ECU Programming: In this way, you need to remove the ECU from the car and connect to the board, and the plug on the back of the ECU. You usually have to connect up a few lives and earths to power the ECU up, and two can bus connections for programming.

There are a limited number of tools that are specialized for ECU programming. Based on our experiences and the research that we have done on the users, we will tell you which one is better. Actually, we do not intend to promote a specific brand, our guidance is based on the technical characteristics of these tools, their strengths and weaknesses and their proficiency. So that you can choose the best tool, based on your needs.

famous Remap tools Producers

🚩ChipTuning Tools Manufacturers:


The manufacturer provides two different devices with different applications. KESS3, KESSV2 and K-Tag.

  • Dimsport:

New TRASDATA, New Genius and My genius are programmers of Dimsport company.

  • FR-Team International SA:

Autotuner is the device of this well-known developer.


CMD Flash is an extremely useful tool which is made by this Swiss company.


We can now acquire bFlash thanks to this new company on the market.


Both MagPro and Flex are offered by this company. It is also a manufacturer with the top customer service in the market.

🏁The Best MIXED OBD & BENCH Tuning Tools:


💬1. Alientech OBD & Bench-Boot ChipTuning Tools:

  • KESS3:

KESS3 is newest tools! The successor to the wildly famous KESSV2 and K-TAG devices offers incredible performance, operational flexibility, and ease of use which allows you to to use a single tool to connect with engines and gearbox control units. KESS3 is a tool that combines three OBD, Bench, and Boot Mode features into one tool. Configure it based on your demands and work.
It doesn't matter how much your knowledge and expertise are, KESS3 provides you with the greatest possibilities. GPS, Accelerometer, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi combining with quicker processors and interfaces. Everything is integrated into a single platform.

  • KESSV2: 

KESSV2 is one of the best tools for programming the engine ECU and transmission through the OBD ll port. One thing to keep in mind is that KESSV2 can only read ECU via the OBD ll port and cannot connect to the ECU directly. It comes in two versions, “Master” & “SLAVE”. The KESSV2 Master and KESSV2 Slave flashers have the benefit of being compatible with all brands of vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats. 
The licenses and drivers associated with this programmer are regularly updated, meaning that it supports more vehicle models each time it is updated. For the advantage of this tool we can refer to a large database and its support team. This device is user-friendly and guides you through all steps to safely read and copy-paste files on the ECU or TCU. Moreover, this device can also check the voltage of the battery when the car is ON and it can automatically correct the checksum.

  • K-TAG advanced complementary programmer for KESSV2:

Twin to KESSV2 device, A sophisticated programmer designed to work with ECU's outside the car by connecting to the ECU directly. K-TAG is used for “Reading and Writing” EEPROM and flash on all of the on-the-bench ECUs. This means that in some cars you have to open the ECU from the car and do the programming on the bench. This device Comes with various cables; The power supply and adapter which you can use based on different protocols for different kinds of ECU’s. 
There are again two solutions: K-TAG Master and K-TAG Slave. We recommend using K-TAG Master if you want full control over the ECU remapping procedure. If you are just getting started and want to easily become a part of the world of ECU Tuning and provide customized files, you should buy the K-TAG Slave. Some of the advantages of both K-TAGsystems include their adaptability for all sorts of ECUs, even those from the most recent generations.

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Kess & Ktag  and Kess3 (alientech)  Dimsport Trasdata and new genius
Kess & Ktag  and Kess3 (alientech)                                                               Dimsport Trasdata and new genius

 💬2. Dimsport Programmer: 

The Dimsport Programmer is made by an Italian company. It is one of the best devices for commercial and Trucks. It includes 3 main devices:

  • My Genius Tool: 

This is a programmer that can be connected to the vehicle by the OBD port and will connect only to a specific vehicle that is owned by the owner. It uses a specified serial number to interact with the ECU.
Because this device is made for the use of vehicle owners, it is designed as a standalone device that does not require any interfaces and software for processing. This means that you do not need to use a laptop or install software to use this device. That is, it connects directly to the OBD port, and after turning it on, the device takes you step by step to perform the programming steps.
Remember to take the warnings it gives you at work seriously.
This versatile console enables the user to save and program 10 different files for a vehicle.
It is specially built for the owner that desires to use various tuning programs on their vehicle, and not suitable for the ones who want to establish an ECU remapping business for themselves.

  • New Genius Touch & Map:

This device is the more advanced model of Genius that uses an OBD port and does not require a laptop to connect to an ECU. It also guides you through all the steps to make sure you read the ECU file and reprogram it when needed.
The device supports a wide range of vehicles for OBD programming, and its biggest strength to competitors is:
It can be said that this is the only programmer that does not need a computer or laptop to program the ECU, and this option is its strong point since when a USB cable, software, or sudden flattening of laptop battery power source does not damage an ECU, making the process completely safe.
The possibility of ECU errors is significantly reduced because of simple and well-explained steps. The device automatically checks the size and checksum of the file before programming and in case of an anomaly of the ECU program, the original file can be recovered. The device can reset all the errors that appear at the end of the programming.

  • New Trasdata:

Most of the new ECUs have an anti-tuning system, which prevents the user from reading and programming the ECU using OBD ports of devices such as New Genius. In this case, ECU data can be read using BDM, BOOT, JTAG, NBD, BAM, and GPT mode. Meaning that in order to read the microprocessor, Flash, and Serial EEPROM, on-the-workbench methods must be used. All the readable and writeable ECUs that cannot connect to the OBD port can be programmed using the Trasdata programmer.
In fact, New Trasdata does the same thing as K-TAG
Simple operation is one of the pros of this device. You can detach the ECU from the vehicle, connect the device to the ECU using the instruction files, then by using the Flash Point software installed on your PC, you can read the ECU files. After that, you can tune the file you've read in Race Evo or other software or even send the file for us so we can define the changes you need and send the final file for you. This device also supports autonomous checksum recalculation that enables the engine to work properly after tuning. Then, using the Trasdata to unlock the OBD-II communication you can program the final tuning file onto the ECU using the OBD-II port of the New Genius device.
Connections can be done without the need for physical soldering and DE soldering using a metal positioning frame provided with specific terminal adapters, which can be regarded as a valuable feature of this device. It should be noted that the quality of this device is superior to other competitors.

remap tools
other famous remapping tools


Magpro 2 and Magic-motorsport Flex are two of the best tools in the field of car mechatronics. This device supports ECU clones and Immo keys. Various car control unit programming such as TCU are included in this device, which makes it very handy. You can program or upgrade various advanced ECUs such as Bosch MEDC17 with different micros namely Infineon TC17xx, Nexus MPC5XXX, AUD for NEC 76F00xx, and so on using JTAG, Bootloader, OBD & Bench BDM, and other protocols.

  • FLEX:

FLEX is one of the most revolutionary OBD and Bench tuning tools for reprogramming, updating, and tweaking. ECUs, gearboxes, safety features, and infotainment units can all be managed directly through the OBD ll port, on the bench or in boot mode. A FlexBox is also available for advanced and repairing work. You will be able to provide new customized technologies to your consumers and develop your business thanks to FlexBox.


The tool with the best services, immediately correcting problems and frequently presenting new solutions exclusively for each client. It is the appropriate interface that supports practically the whole contemporary automotive market. The system is user-friendly, however commissioning requires that the device be linked to a power supply. It is ideal for Asian vehicles such as Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai, as well as vehicles from the VAG group such as Audi, Skoda, VW, and Seat that use Simos computers. Everyday life is made easier by highly specific instructions for operating in BOOT mode.

💬4. FR Team AutoTuner ChipTuning Tool:

It is one of the best ECU flasher tools without a subscription. This programmer can support thousands of ECUs using OBD diagnostic sockets or support various microprocessors in boot tricore Infineon (BSL). This programmer can quickly read DFlash, EFlash, and EEPROM files of Bosch advanced ECUs that have an anti-tuning system, thanks to its Cortex m3 Processor. As an illustration, the Bosch EDC17C41 reads three times faster than its competitors. Autotuner comes with all of the necessary accessories and is available in both master and slave versions.
Another plus point of this programmer is that it is being supported by VAG, Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc. hence, most of the new F and G series of BMW and Porsche “Bosch MG1CP007 & Bosch MG1CS047” ECUs can be read and programmed using the OBD-II port. It can read and write the TCU (ZF 8HPxx Gearboxes) via the diagnosis port in the F and G series of BMWs. As positive points we can refer to the data logging capability. This feature is very effective for professional and accurate tuners. This is Because with accurate data analysis, they can perform the tuning in the best possible way and very accurately.

💬5. CMD Flash ChipTuning Tool:

  • Flashtech :

The Flashtec CMD Flash is a well-known product from the Swiss professionals. It is well-known for its quickness and stability. A very flexible device that supports programming through OBD connection, BDM, and in Boot and Bench mode. It is completely compatible with European automobiles, automatic DSG gearboxes, and Bosch EDC engine controllers. Very simple to use, transparent software that is fast and stable, and in many situations allows you to restore the original ECU file with a single touch. 
This programmer can read the EEPROM of various ECUs. In case of an error or corrupted file during the programming, the ECU can easily be reprogrammed and restored. For The drawback of this device we can refer to the unsatisfying software environment, and not the best customer support compared to DimSport and Alientech.

💬6. BC Consulting ChipTuning Tool:

  • bFLASH:

The market's newest player, a device that may be extremely beneficial in the long term, but it's difficult to tell anything about it right now. BFlash is a well-known OBD and Bench tuning tool for ECU programming, diagnostics, data logging, car network analysis, emulation, file management and editing, and so on. It is a true design with several features and standards. Furthermore, BFlash supports a variety of programming techniques such as OBD, BDM, Boot, DoIP Ethernet, Flexray, Jtag, and many others. 
This programmer supports fewer ECUs nearly 400 types and is suitable for businesses that plan to tune chips and remaps for European cars. In addition to reading and programming ECUs, this device is a diagnostic scanner, data logger, CAN bus analyzer, and visualizer for WinOLS which makes it far beyond a programmer.

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