Bosch me17.9.71 ECU open case
Bosch me17.9.71 ECU

ūüí¨ ¬†The purpose of this short article is to introduce the pros and cons of ECU remapping and chip tuning, something everyone wants to get the hang of these days, as Covid-19 has made all of us double ¬† frugal to pay for fuel. We first talk about the pros (benefits).
Generally, the term ECU can be confusing as it can stand for the 'electronic control unit' and the   'engine control unit.' This article specifically refers to ECU as the 'engine control unit.' 
In simple terms, ECU is in charge of monitoring and regulating engine functions. In modern cars,         ECU has two aspects: software and hardware; and in ECU modification, changes can be made only     to ECU software. What do these changes do? They can help reduce your fuel costs and improve your engine's power and torque performance. As you may know, the technical term for making any   changes in ECU software is ECU remapping. (some prefer 'tuning' though.)


The Pros of ECU remapping:

1-Power and Torque Improvement:

Automobile manufacturers, regardless of their percentage of market share, must meet certain standards and consider various factors in their productions. These factors include, but are not limited to, AEL (average engine lifespan), fuel consumption, automotive emissions controlling standards, relevant environmental issues, local and federal driving regulations, customer needs and satisfaction, and so on.

Now, since car manufacturers cannot meet every single of these standards and factors in the design of an optimal engine, ECU modifications can play a vital role in improving the engine's overall torque and power.

Now, introducing the magic of Caracaltech! With the help of the splendid Bosch MED 17.7.2 ECU in Mercedes C-Class C63 S AMG that already makes an amazing 502 horsepower, Caracaltech provides a totally safe extra 60 horsepower and more than 100 lb/ft of torque. You might wonder, isn't that too much customization? Is it really safe? No worries! This is a perfectly safe custom map for Bosch MED 17.7.2 ECU and it won't damage the engine at all.

ŔźŔźDyno graph of ECU Remapping
Mercedes benz c63

To put all the points we have mentioned so far in a nutshell, ECU map modification or tuning gives us more power and torque and improves the overall performance. 

2-Fuel Consumption Efficiency:

Let us be honest! When was the last time you were NOT worried about your monthly payment for fuel? We suppose never! we can help you get rid of all such concerns by offering its ECU remapping services. Can ECU remapping reduce my fuel consumption? To answer that question, let's see what ECU modification has anything to do with fuel consumption and see if we can drive frugally and powerfully at the same time.

The ECU software consists of different situation-specific maps that help ECU, for instance, control fuel and ignition in different working scenarios.

Let's imagine some real driving conditions. Assume you are stopped at a red light or have engaged the cruise control or are stuck in traffic. Under such conditions, that extra power or torque is unnecessary, and what we do is reduce fuel consumption by adjusting fuel and AFR. 

Also, fuel and ignition are adjustable for best performance (torque and power) in cases with high rpm and load.

We can remap the fuel/ignition tables in the ECU to ensure a cost-effective performance boost. 

ECU remapping gives you a 10-15% reduction in fuel consumption.

3-Enhance throttle response:

The big, inevitable disadvantage of using ETC or ''electronic throttle control' technology is that it causes a delayed response. 

Improve Throttle Response
Throttle Response graph


In ETC-equipped vehicles, when the driver pushes the accelerator pedal, ETC sends a signal to ECU. Then the ECU digests the data and opens the throttle in accordance with the recorded tables inside its memory. This is a time-taking procedure and delays the acceleration response. 


Now, why do car manufacturers bother to use ETC in the first place? Remember all the standards that manufacturers have to abide by that we talked about earlier? They are the main reason for the use of ETC technology.  Caracaltech solution to we can improve throttle response with ECU remap and chip tuning. 

The picture below represents the relation between pedal positions and throttle position in different types. The picture depicts the impacts of ECU remapping on throttle opening. ECU remapping makes the throttle linear to improve the throttle response.


4-Speed Limits Removal via ECU Remapping :


Speed limiter removal is the process of altering a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU)
BMW E92 Speed limiter

Cars are becoming safer and cleaner every year. Safety and environmental  or road considerations may impose speed limits in various classes of cars. 

Many modern cars are limited to certain speed levels. Given that driving       may be an exciting hobby for some, they may want to remove this speed    limit to participate in sports contests, for instance. This is where      Caracaltech steps in to face the challenge. 





5- rev limit removal :

rev limiter removal ecu remapping
rev limiter removal


No matter what the ECU type, Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, etc., our team can identify rev limit. Through our                             online training or tuning file service , you will learn to identify, remove, or modify the rev limit.

note: Keep in mind that increasing engine rev limit has no effect on increasing engine power and torque                           and is only used in special cases.



6- Removal of the Second O2 Sensor :


Headers vs stock manifolds and second O2 sensor off
Headers vs stock manifolds

 A second O2 sensor is installed after the catalyst convertor to                   monitor the efficiency of the catalyst that, if removed, causes                           the P0420 error code in the ECU, indicating either a damaged                   second. You can rest assured with the ECU remapping service                             at Caracaltech since we help troubleshoot this issue so that the                 engine check lights are off again.

Note :This method is used when you have a headers or downpipe            installed on the car and the car catalytic converter is removed.






7-removal of the Diesel Particulate Filter :

DPF off/removal of the Diesel Particulates Filter
DPF installed after the convertor

In case you didn't know, DPF stands for diesel particulates filter. DPF is a device               (also you can call it a system) for pollution control. In a modern diesel engine,                    DPF is in charge of taking in soot and diesel particulates.                                                        Once the DPF is saturated enough, it engages a regeneration cycle to burn off the particulate matter inside the filter. A DPF can be installed after and before the             catalyst converter. The next picture shows a DPF installed after the convertor. 
DPF has two chambers with one air chamber for a honeycomb air filter in a metal             shell, like the catalyst convertor.

The diesel particulate filter has a particular pressure sensor at its inlet and outlet in charge of measuring the pressure data and sending them to the ECU.

DPF pressure sensor location
DPF pressure sensor location


DPF is mainly a measure for pollution prevention. our technician can remove the DPF from ECU                 and solve this challenge, as in comparison to buying a new one, it's more economical to remove             the DPF. So, if your DPF is not working the way it's supposed to or you have any problem with it, ask             us for DPF removal. We'll more than glad to help you.





8- Reducing cooling fan temperature :

With ECU remapping we can change cooling fan working condition, we can define new temperature and active cooling fan sooner than manufacture setpoint to prevent damages in hot conditions



9-EGR off 

How EGR system works

Contrary to the popular belief, EGR is not just about nitrogen recirculation as it stands for         Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It is a gas reduction technique to reduce toxic gas emissions                   like nitrogen dioxide that has detrimental environmental impacts.

Like the rest of the systems in a car, EGR can also be damaged, requiring replacement. Unfortunately, EGR is expensive but we can remove the EGR from ECU using our remapping     service. in some situation EGR off is for improving performance.

Needless to say, there are mandatory laws when it comes to EGR removal. Caracaltech                 takes no responsibility in this regard and it's you who have to abide by the rules depending             on where you live.








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