ECU remapping is a modified software that will be replaced with the original ECU software in order to increase some cases such as power and torque and improve the fuel consumption. ECU remapping prepares the car to achieve the maximum efficiency in the safest way. As you know, the ECU completely controls the vehicle engine when you remap the ECU, it will have significant effects on acceleration, fuel consumption, engine knock and etc.

🚩What is ECU Remapping?

An ECU is a small computer that controls the operation of an engine. Car manufacturers make the engine smoothly run by calibrating the ECU software. These settings are made before vehicles launch to the market. 
There are a lots of variables which must be considered in the ECU software setting such as different weather conditions, rules and restrictions and fuel quality and other parameters which you can modify all these settings by ECU Remapping. Remapping can adapt the car to the climatic conditions of the region and also the fuel quality of different countries. After ECU remapping, fuel consumption will be fully optimized and reduced. Moreover the car's acceleration will be better and also engine knock will be eliminated.

🚩How Does ECU Remapping Improve a Vehicle Performance?

ECU Remapping is a skill in which you can increase the engine torque and horsepower; it works by modifying the ECU software. ChipTuning can also be used to fix ECU software faults. In this process, first of all the ECU original software will be read. In addition to considering various variables, parameters and different conditions of the engine, the necessary changes will be applied to the ECU software. In the last step, the remapped vehicle will be tested with the modified ECU to check engine performance.

It is good to mention that the customer’s original ECU software will be preserved in the CaracalTech archive.

💬Remapping; Software or Hardware Process?

As a matter of fact, it is done in several methods. Depending on the type of the vehicle's engine and the ECU:

  • OBD Port (Diagnostic socket )
  • J-TAG 
  • K-TAG (pin)
  • ChipTuning 
Remap-ecu remapping-ecu
OBD PORT                                                                                    K-TAG BY PIN OUT                                                                                                  J-TAG METHODE

💬What are the signs of software defects in ECU?

Any factor that causes undesirable happenings in the performance of the vehicle is a software problem. It is not easy task to detect software defects from electrical or mechanical ones. For instance, engine extra vibration when it’s idling could be result of engine mounts failure (Mechanical failure), injector or spark plug failure (Electrical failure) or ECU software malfunction.

💬Few Examples of Software Malfunction Included:

  • Delay in accelerator pedal
  • Rough idle or stumbling at low revs
  • The cooling fan operation at high temperature
  • Engine hesitation during acceleration
  • Lean AFR in order to supply better efficiency
  • Engine knocks (Due to low quality fuel)
  • Miss Fire phenomenon (Incomplete combustion due to poor fuel quality)
  • P0420 catalyst failure errors

💬Why Factory Does Not Remap The Vehicles?

First of all, ECU’s are not programmed at the factory. They are sent by the supplier for the automotive industries.
Secondly, Suppliers are required to calibrate the ECU software according to the pollution standard. For example, when the Euro6 standard becomes mandatory, the supplier is obliged to adjust the ECU software based on these orders.
Finally, there have been many cases where the factory has reprogrammed the vehicles by calling the owners in order to fix the software defects.

💬Why You Must Remap Your Vehicle?

There are a lot of reasons for Remapping such as:

  1. An enjoyable driving experience: One of the most annoying issues with the new ECU’s is the accelerator pedal delay (Throttle Lag) which can be solved by ECU remapping. 
  2. Adapting the ECU software with engine performance kit: in conditions that you have installed aftermarket equipment for increasing the engine efficiency such as Headers, Cold air intake,  camshaft, Turbo and etc., We reprogram the ECU software in order to adapt with them so that we can get more power from the engine.
  3. Removing restrictions: 
    1. Top speed limitations: Some ECU's are limited to certain top speed levels, which may be less than the specified limit of country or city. This restriction can be removed by ECU remapping.
    2. P0420 fault Removing or 2nd O2 OFF: In some countries, due to the use of leaded fuel gasoline, the car catalytic converter will soon fail and P0420 error will appear and the Mil lamp check light will turn on. In this case, the second oxygen sensor and catalytic converter is not functioning efficiently, this error can be eliminated by remapping.
    3. EGR OFF: Failure of the EGR system in cars leads to a significant cost for the owner. However, by remapping and removing this mechanism, the problem can be solved with a much lower price.

💬How Does ECU Remapping Increase The Engine Efficiency?

By correcting AFR and adjusting it based on the maximum power, we can correct the ignition time (Advance/Retard). Moreover, you can observe other points which are taught in our training courses such as the increasing the power of your car without any extra pressure on the engine.
Follow the educational topics in ECU Tuning Course section.

💬Is ECU Remapping Safe for Your Vehicle?

To be honest, it depends on various points like the engine health rate. As a matter of fact, a professional tuner does not chiptune an engine that burns oil.
The more important point is, if you don't have a good maintenance schedule for your vehicle, it will break down. Some customers, who visit the CaracalTech team, expect that all their vehicle problems will be solved by ECU remapping. But think logically how it is possible that a poorly maintained engine will be the same as the first day of producing.
Two same model vehicles of a company do not run with the same acceleration and speed. Hence, remapping of each vehicle has different results with others.

💬Reasons For ECU Remapping:

There are different reasons for ECU remapping a car:

  1. Fixing ECU Software malfunction (pedal delay, knock, redundant errors, fan temperature correction and etc.)
  2. Increasing the engine efficiency according to aftermarket equipment like Headers, Cold air intake, Boosted camshaft, Turbo and etc.
  3. Better fuel consumption (Spending less money on Fuel)

💬Do You Need Any Experience To Learn Remap?

Participating in CaracalTech training courses will be efficiency for applicants who have been trained in electricity, injectors and tuning courses. It should be mentioned that there have been trainers who have been able to perform chiptune themselves. 

💬ECU Remapping service:

ECU Remapping Service refers to ECU's file remap services. These services include Stage 1, 2, and 3 tuning, EGR off, DPF off, DTC removal, speed limiter removal, and other similar services. We at CaracalTech provide these services, where you can find your car in our tuning file service section and request your desired remap service.

🏁ECU Remapping Cost?

ECU remapping cost differs from models and in CaracalTech we can do it for you with the lowest price and we do our best with guarantee and support.
Here, you can learn once, fully and for good, the adjustments or ChipTuning in diesel and petrol engines. Below is a link of ECU tuning training video in various software and ECUs.

1- If you want to learn how to remap ECU (and TCU) for diesel and petrol engines in WinOLS and ECM Titanium software, you can enter to our ECU training course.

2- If you need only dyno chip tuning, upload original ECU file in Tuning File Service, after short time our experts send you remapped file.

3- If you know remapping software like WinOLS or Swiftec, for ease and accuracy of work you can use CaracalTech Mappack in the following link.

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