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GT86/ BRZ/ FRS ECU Tune/ Remap

GT86/ BRZ/ FRS ECU Tune/ Remap


The first-generation Toyota GT 86 was lunched in 2012 and was face-lifted in 2017. In 2021, this car was replaced by the second generation. All of the first-generation cars were presented with 2000cc engine.

💬What is the secret of 86?

The number 86 is one of the important bases in the design of this product. In fact, many parts in this vehicle have dimensions proportional to 86. For example, piston diameter, exhaust output, air intake, and other parts have a diameter of 86 mm or a multiplier of this number. 

💬Advantages of GT 86:

Furious and fascinating face.

chassis design with lower center of gravity.

Diagonal design of manual brake to operational usage in drifts.

Gearbox modes designed for different driving styles.

GT86/BRZ ECU location / GT86 ecu tuning/brz ecu remap/gt86 ecu remap
GT86/BRZ ECU LOCATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GT86/BRZ TECHNOLOGY

🚩The location of ECU and how to Reflash ECU:

ECU of GT 86 is EMS DENSO: 112431-4840 and you can see its location in the image above. 

Equipment for the remapping of GT 86:


The best and most accurate method for ECU remapping of GT 86 is using this programmer. Access to all tables and single bits are its advantages but high cost and payment for every new car are its disadvantages.

2. KESS V2: 

To remap this ECU, we can use OBD port, the Kess device and protocol 386. 

3. BitBox:

BitBox programmer is also one of the programmers that can chip-tune this car with OBD method. For “Read & Write” of this ECU the Gen1 menu must be used. To do the required modifications, it must be equipped with BitEdit software, and Toyota gt86 Subaru BRZ module must be obtained. 

gt86 ecutek-brz ecutek-brz ecu tune-gt86 ecu flash-gt86 programming-gt86 kess v2-gt86 bitbox
Types of programmers for GT86/BRZ ECU Reflash and ECU tuning

💬Engine & ECU software:

In this car, a 2000 cc Boxer engine with D4S technology and FA20 code has been used that considering the high compression ratio of 12.5 to prevent a knock event uses port injectors in addition to the direct-injection injectors. As shown in the following picture, we were able to increase the power of this engine by 20 HP while its AFR Ratio is finely tuned. As you know, Toyota claims that this engine could produce 200 HP, but because of high compression ratio engine and need for premium gasoline, the wheel-power decreases to 155 hp. Of course, this reduction is less in manual gearbox version. Other modifications to achieve more power must happen in the following tables:

  • Engine load limitation
  • Mass air flow sensor scaling
  • Fan switching temperature
  • Desired idle speed
  • Injection acceleration enrichment by throttle position and correction factors,
  • Open and closed loop injection
  • Injector dead time calibration
  • Knock retardation control
  • Spark advance at idle
  • Spark advance base
  • Spark advance correction on knocking,
  • Spark advance corrections per cylinder,
  • Requested torque, throttle valve control limitation,
  • Customized AFR for different tuning 
  • Correction of spark advance for regular gasoline.
  • Pops & Bangs and BackFire


  • WinOls:
    This software is the most comprehensive for modifying the ISO program tables of cars. And with any programmer you can read the ECU program with .bin extension.
  • ECM Titanium:
    This software is considered as a complementary part of Kess and Ktag programmer and can be purchased from the manufacturer. In this software, tables are provided and there is no need to find them.
  • BitEdit:
    This software, like Titanium, is a subset of the Bitbox programmer and provides the required tables to the user.

💬Advantages of remapping:

  • Activate Switch Map to 4 (costless, Street, Race, BiFuel)
  • Power shift / Flat foot (keep throttle in full open when changing gear)
  • Launch Control (set up of lunch rpm in every map) 
  • Engine blip (raise of RPM in down shifting)
  • Acceleration response Function (sharp function in 4 modes)
  • Dedicated Rev limits (Cut Off) in per gears (For improving 0-100 timing)
  • Catless Condition Providing (Software Removing Catalyst or 2nd O2 sensor / P0420 Fault)
  • ECU adjustment with Turbo Kit.
  • ECU adjustment proportional to headers, Intake Kit, and aftermarket parts.
GT 86 /BRZ POP and BANG -GT 86 /BRZ turbo kit-GT 86 /BRZ headers
GT 86 /BRZ POP and BANG                                                                                                        Dyno Graph                                                                                                  Performance Kit                                   

🏁GT86/ BRZ ECU remapping cost?

GT86/ BRZ ECU remapping price differs from tuning stage and in CaracalTech we can do it for you with the lowest price and we do our best with guarantee and support.

🏁Contact us via one of the following three ways, to use our experiences in GT86/ BRZ remapping and access to all parameters without any error.  

1- If you want to learn how to remap GT86/ BRZ with DENSO ECU in WinOLS and ECM software, you can enter to our ECU Training Course.

2- If you need only remapping file, upload original ECU file in Tuning File Service, after short time our experts send you remapped file.

3- If you know remapping software like WINOLS or ECM, for ease and accuracy of work you can use CaracalTech Mappack in the following link.

📍For more information and probable problems feel free to contact us: support@caracaltech.com


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